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Restoration - Digital Photo Restoration By Lorie Campolo

Original PhotoRestore & Preserve Your Treasured Memories for Generations

Your treasured photographs that have become damaged with age, sun or handling can now be digitally restored to their original (or better than original) condition.

Your New Original Is Professionally Repaired In Our Studio

Each photograph is carefully scanned in our studio using specialized photo imaging software. The digital copy is carefully retouched (repaired) by a specially trained, experienced photography professional. Your original treasured photograph never leaves our office. Your original is returned to you along with as many reprints of your repaired photo as you desire.

Reverse Fading, Fix Scratches, Remove Spots, Repair Tears - YES

In most cases fading can be reversed, even if it is extremely faded remarkable results can often be obtained. Dulled colors can be brought back to vibrant life. Scratches, tears, dirt spots, stains can usually be removed.

Better Than the Original? Would you like to put several photos together? How about remove people or objects from a photo? Our trained photo restoration expert can make most modifications with stunning results.

How long?

Generally allow two weeks for standard enhancements with a direct digital print. Some restorations can take more time. Our photo restoration artist prides herself in making you happy. Let us know if you have special deadlines.

Prints & CD
You may order unlimited reprints in standard sizes as well as a CD with the restored image.


Thanks to advances in digital technology "digital" restoration is often less expensive than "conventional" restoration. Oftentimes is a lot less expensive. The restoration fee is based on the amount of time it takes to complete the restorations. Most minor repairs, (stains, dirt spots, small torn areas) are surprisingly affordable. Call today, 253-838-2941 for a free consultation and discover how easily your treasured photographs can be restored to their original (or near original) condition.